Not Hairy Ever After

Not Hairy Ever After

Smooth skin triumphs evil pain, in the battle of good hair removal. Well, that’s the fairytale we’ve all hoped for, but life is a treacherous journey and so is the road to smooth skin.

We’ve polled on Instagram for you to share your experience on that hairy bricked road you bravely marched on and found that:

👉 62% have tried shaving
👉 20% were courageous souls who tried waxing
👉 7% were unsung heroes who experienced the medieval torture of epilating
👉 11% were the few who battled light beams with laser

Let’s Get To The Root Of It

🙂 Shaving – 58% rated this as PAINLESS.
Quick and convenient, but hair grows back instantly. May cause abrasion or razor burns if not done properly. Rated affordable and highly likely the first form of hair removal anyone experienced.

😖 Waxing – 62% rated this as the most painful of them all.
Longer lasting than shaving, waxing strips rips out hair together with the root. If skin is not exfoliated and moisturised properly, ingrowns can occur. Skin may also be irritated and sore after the treatment. At home kits may be good for small areas, but you may rock up a substantial bill over time at a reputable salon.

😖 Epilating – 30% said it kinda stings, 37% went OUCH!
A torture device made up of fast moving rotating tweezers ripping hair out from the root. Some designed better than others, but If not done properly, may nick the skin, causing injury. Lasts as long as waxing, as hair is removed from the root. This at home hair removal device may not come cheap, and its a prerequisite you need to be somewhat of a contortionist to remove hair on certain areas.

🥲 Laser – 51% said there was a slight sensation
Invasive, superpowered laser beams with the ability to cut metals, glass and concrete. Though the ones used for hair removal is same-same but different, risks such as 1st degree burns and the need to manage pain with numbing creams are required for a smooth session, and smooth results! Sounds a bit much. Doctor administered, with no room for error. Long lasting results, highly dependent on the skills of the doctor. Comes with a hefty price tag too, yikes!

The New Kid On The Block
Step into the future of painless hair removal with ADLight™! Say goodbye to rubber band snaps and holding your breath each time a hair is zapped – in anticipation of pain!

Developed based on 10 years of hair removal, ADLight™ is a Japanese-patented technology we designed to penetrate deeper to target stubborn, deep-rooted hair. 2.5 times more effective at removing hair* in stubborn areas like upper lips and jaw, ADLight™ balances power and comfort for maximum pain-free results.
*Based on a study comparing IPL and ADLight™ hair removal treatments over a 5 month period.

It is less invasive than a laser, causes no damage to the skin but selectively damages and destroys the hair follicles, leaving smooth, long lasting permanent results.

Try the painless way of hair removal for free with ✨20 Shots™ (worth $48) on your 1st visit!✨ Come see the new light at Japan IPL Express outlets.

Posted on 12 October, 2023

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