What is an IPL Shot?

1 IPL Shot = 1 blast of light emitted out from the IPL handpiece


Here are the most popular body areas done by most customers!

How Many Shots Do You Need

How Many Shots Do You Need How Many Shots Do You Need
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* The precise number of IPL Shots required might vary depending on one’s skin and hair conditions and the chosen face or body area. We’re all unique!

For a rough guide, we’ve created a chart. But if you’re interested in any area that isn’t shown here, please feel free to approach our staff for advice. Just because it’s not mentioned here doesn’t necessarily mean it’s off the table.



$1.98 per IPL Shot™

Ala-carte basis. For IPL Shots™ less than 199.

*All prices stated are subject to GST.


50% off for 200 IPL Shots™ and above

*In-Store IPL Shots expire 1 year after the date of purchase. 


U21 Program: For youths aged 21 & below: $70 for 100 shots

*U21 In-Store IPL Shots expire 6 months after the date of purchase.

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