Unlike your run-of-the-mill beauty salon, we don’t require our customers to make appointments before treatment. We want to give you the freedom and flexibility to walk in whenever and wherever you want. Although in the event that there are customers before you, we seek for your understanding and patience that we’ll serve you as promptly as we can.

At Japan IPL Express, we keep the cost of services at a minimum without scrimping on the quality of our salon products and equipment, because we want to be affordable to everyone. It’s important to us that you have convenience at your fingertips. We also don’t believe in requiring customers to commit from the get-go, which is why instead of operating on a business model of long-term packages, we allow customers to pay according to the number of IPL Shots™ used. No strings attached.

Well, we are. Notwithstanding our affordable price point, our IPL machines are made in Japan using state-of-the-art technology. Our professional therapists have also been trained in-house, so rest assured that you are in good hands. All staff at our 14 outlets abide by strict hygiene standards. The icing on the cake: modern and minimalist by design, our salons exude a relaxing atmosphere.

As customers ourselves, we know how uncomfortable hard sell tactics can be. That’s why we make sure to be up front about our prices and services. What you see is what you get.

We price our services on a pay-per-IPL Shot™ basis. What this means is you’ll only pay for Shots™ used.

Yes, all first-time customers are entitled to 20 Free IPL Shots™. You may use them on any targeted area to help you gauge whether to continue coming to Japan IPL Express or not. No payment required, just give us a shot. Click here for your free trial.

IPL Services

We offer two IPL Services. One is Hair Removal IPL, which destroys hair follicles — thereby preventing unwanted hair growth in the long run. The other is our Skin Solution IPL treatment, which tackles skincare concerns such as acne flare-ups, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and vascular lesions.

The light energy emitted from our device converts into heat energy, which in turn kills off bacteria that might contribute to the formation of pimples on the surface of your skin. The treatment also helps to regulate your skin’s sebum production by targeting skin glands and getting rid of the oil and dirt responsible for clogging pores.

Pigmentation occurs when melanin accumulates in the skin. The Skin Rejuvenation IPL treatment can effectively target pigmentation on the skin surface with quick blasts of light targeting the melanin, which helps lighten pigmentation and stimulate collagen regeneration in the skin.

IPL Treatment

The most popular areas for Hair Removal IPL treatment are underarms, brazillian and legs. For Skin Solution IPL on the other hand, common requests are to brighten darkened underarms or to treat acne and brighten one’s overall facial complexion.

At Japan IPL Express, we define an “IPL Shot™” as one single blast of light emitted from our IPL handpiece. How many IPL Shots™ a person needs for each body area will vary depending on hair, skin and hormone-related conditions. We’re all unique!

You may refer to our IPL Shots™ Chart, which provides an estimated number of IPL Shots™ needed each session for every body area. But the precise number might vary depending on your hair, skin and hormone-related conditions.

It’s unlikely that you will feel any pain when undergoing treatment on most body areas but certain areas such as the bikini area might be more sensitive. This could give rise to a slight sensation, but don’t worry — our well-prepared therapists will have cooling gel on hand to help reduce discomfort.

Our IPL machines already come with in-built skin cooling technology, which means they automatically provide a cooling effect during treatment. So only on the rare occasions when customers feel discomfort would our therapists apply cooling gel on the skin. Should this be your personal preference or you have any uncertainties, please don’t hesitate to ask.

There are no major side effects but you might experience redness or itchiness if you have dry skin. To help prevent this, we recommend that you moisturize before your IPL Sessions. Better yet, make it a good habit to moisturize every day!

Caring for your skin is such a personal matter. While most people with sensitive skin might find themselves suitable for IPL, it is best to walk in and meet with our therapists. It’ll allow them to fully examine your skin and provide a recommendation before treatment. This is especially advisable if you have never tried IPL before.

It is best to come in to allow our therapists to fully examine your skin. They will advise from there. This would include a free patch test to determine whether IPL is for you.

IPL Session

Don’t wax, pluck or epilate unwanted hair in between IPL sessions or 3 weeks before your first IPL session. This is because IPL requires the hair root to be intact for the treatment to be effective.

Yes, you may shave in between IPL sessions, but we will advise not, to avoid ingrown hair concerns!

Before coming in for your session, you may shave on your own, but we would recommend that you leave it to our therapists. There may be chances that if you were to shave on your own, it may not be a clean shave and the therapist may end up shaving for you again!  Since there’s no shaving fee or shaver charges, why not? 

To achieve hairless results, the number of sessions required might vary from one individual to another as everyone possesses different skin, hair and hormone-related conditions.

However, from the third or fourth session of your IPL journey, you’ll begin to notice your hair growth slow down and that your hair becomes thinner and finer. These are signs of progress!

In general, most areas would require about 8 to 10 sessions for there to be obvious results. After that, you will only need to come in under the touch-up maintenance program, which means visiting only once every 4 weeks, then 5 weeks, and finally, 6 weeks — the frequency of touch-ups will decrease over time until eventually you won’t need to come in at all.


Yes! You can resume everyday activities right after treatment. Just be aware that your skin may be slightly more sensitive for up to 3 days post-IPL treatment. Here are a few things to take note of:

  • Avoid hot saunas, sun-tanning and exfoliating
  • If you do Facial IPL, remember to slap on sunscreen! Protection is key!

Avoid plucking or epilating unwanted hair the moment you start IPL treatment! The purpose of IPL is to destroy hair follicles when it’s at the anagen stage. By plucking/epilating, it hinders hair growth which defeats the purpose and affects the effectiveness of IPL!

You may shave in-between your IPL session, but we’d recommend not to. Though shaving does not affect hair growth, it may cause ingrown hair if unwanted hair is not shaved properly.

Shots™ Bank Account

You’re able to view your Shots™ balance & expiry date, IPL Treatment History and Store Purchase History! Everything you’ve done in our store, it’ll be reflected in your Shots™ Bank!

Fancy name hor. You can call it “Online Account” as well.

By “Existing Customer”, we meant that you have visited/done IPL treatments with us.

Although you’re an Existing Customer, we will still require you to do a one-time online registration – to create and link your Shots™ Bank Account to your In-Store Customer Profile.

Upon creating an online Shots™ Bank account, you will be able to view all of your In-Store activities at the tip of your finger!


By “New Customer”, we meant that you have never visited/done IPL treatments with us before.

You may create your online Shots™ Bank Account anytime – before or after you’ve completed your first visit to the store.

With the online Shots™ Bank account, you will be able to view all of your In-Store activities at the tip of your finger!

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