Once Upon A Hair Follicle

Once Upon A Hair Follicle

Hair removal has been a common practice throughout history, with methods and trends changing over time. From ancient Egypt to the present day, hair removal has been a reflection of cultural beauty standards, hygiene practices, and social norms. The association of being hair free and smooth as desirable may have received criticism for idealising prepubescent body standards.

Whether it’d be hygiene reasons, idealistic beauty objectifications or just plain preferences, smooth hair-free skin has been a beauty desire throughout history. Let’s look back at the popular methods and trends of hair removal through the years.

The battle between smooth and hairy​​

1920s: Hail the world’s first razor in the era of sleeveless dresses! Where showing hairy pits was a huge no-no.

1930s: Removal of leg hair with pumice stones and sandpaper – OUCH! This painful, mechanical form of depilation.

1940s: Say hello to electric razors! Much welcomed celebration as women bid adieu to stockings largely due to the shortage of nylon during the war.
1950/60s: Waxing became the choice of hair removal as it lasted a few weeks, removing the hair from root to tip. Pain was still an issue and a skilled waxer was truly a girl’s best friend.

1970s: Answering the call of painful screams of waxing, hair removal creams were introduced. It was seen as a quick and easy way to remove underarm and leg hair at home. The greatest appeal was it being painless, though they were formulated with harmful chemicals that strip skin of moisture and irritated skin over time.

1980s: Waxing climbed back to the top! Women started removing hair south of the border in salons with the introduction of the Brazilian, completely removing hair in the intimate areas, where hair removal creams were not safe to use in those areas.

1990s: Laser hair removal was cleared by the FDA in the US and dermatologists worldwide raced to offer this permanent hair removal method. Came with risks and high costs, but both men and women celebrated this hair removal triumph. 

2000s: A much safer method to hair removal was introduced. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) gained popularity, offering the flexibility of getting it done at the salon with less pain and risks than laser.

Present day hair affair

As we look into the future of photoepilation, hair removal technology is progressing and hair removal can be comfortable and pain-free. At Japan IPL Express, we use the latest patented Japanese Technology to offer you effective and pain-free hair removal.




Posted on 1 October, 2023

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