Shine A New Light: ADLight™

Shine A New Light: ADLight™

Celebrating 10 years of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal, Japan IPL Express is shining new light on our most loved service!

New Decade, New Tech, Better Experience.
Introducing Advanced Diode Light, a.k.a. ADLight™, the future of photoepilation.
Urmmm… So what’s special about it?

Latest Japanese-Patented Technology
Developed based on 10 years of Hair Removal experience, ADLight™ is developed to improve our current pulsed light system and is set to serve you better and deliver the best hair removal results.

Next Generation Pulsed Light
ADLight™ works the same way as any other photoepilation method; light is converted to heat, absorbed by the melanin in unwanted hair and damages it.

The innovation with ADLight™ takes a step further; being able to penetrate deeper to target stubborn, deep-rooted hair follicles. ADLight™ is absorbed like a magnet to melanin, ensuring accurate and effective hair removal for the most stubborn areas!

Balances Power And Comfort For Maximum Painless Results
ADLight™ is designed to offer dynamic and customisable treatment solutions for everyone. For those with more stubborn deep rooted hair and dense growth, you will still feel comfortable throughout your entire treatment session – long gone are those rubber band snaps during your IPL sessions.

2.5x More Effective At Permanent Hair Reduction* In Stubborn Areas

*Based on a study comparing IPL and ADLight™ hair removal treatments over a 5 month period.

Resistant hair on upper lip, chin and jaw? ADLight™ is able to treat those areas well while maintaining your comfort!

ADLight™ is also amazing at removing fine vellus (peach fuzz) hair without irritation to sensitive areas.

New Tech, Better Results, Same Price
“Now we have a new technology, you can upgrade at a cost of $588….”
Just kidding! Unlike other salons, you don’t have to top-up to enjoy better technology.

We believe in fuss-free treatment sessions, no packages, no appointments and certainly no upselling! Staying true to our beliefs of providing transparency for all our customers, you get to enjoy our upgraded, more comfortable and effective hair removal experience at the same price of $2.40/$1.20 per shot (for bundle purchase of 200 Shots™ and above)!

Our previous IPL technology is good, but ADLight™ does it better. Removing unwanted hair and retarding hair (re)growth is now quicker and more effective than before! Experience the future of photoepilation for fuss-free, painless and more effective hairless results.

Come see the light at these outlets from 10th July 2023 onwards.

Update: ADLight™ is now available across all 14 outlets islandwide!

Check out our FAQs here or don’t hesitate to get in touch across socials should you have any questions!


Posted on 10 July, 2023

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