69 Brazilian Day – Crouching Tiger, 𝙐𝙉hidden Dragon

69 Brazilian Day – Crouching Tiger, 𝙐𝙉hidden Dragon

Love how your skin feels when you moisturise your legs? Now you’ve been dreaming of smoother pastures up above but you’re too scared to use a razor down there? Let the kitty out of the bag come 9th June with our 69 Brazilian Day!

Year after year, we’ve been helping thousands unleash their inner beast on 69 Brazilian Day with FREE Brazilian and Boyzilian IPL. Yes! The boys can get it too at AMK Hub, Bedok Mall, Funan and Jurong Point – we believe all dragons can be free to fly and don’t need to hide behind the bush.

Don’t Kiss and Tell?

There’s no need to hush and blush. Most feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about hair removal in their intimate areas, but the truth is, it’s perfectly normal. Everyone has hair, but the choice is yours to keep it or zap it. Deciding to bare down there? Then IPL Hair Removal Brazilian and Boyzilian might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. Don’t miss this opportunity to try it for free!

It’s a Matter of Preference
Baring it all also has its fair share of perks. Comfy-feels, confidence, and beach ready vibes. Plus, it is painless and effective, which means you can say goodbye to skin irritation caused by frequent shaving, waxing or plucking. Our professional therapists will keep you feeling comfortable during the treatment so there is nothing to be shy about. Best part, you only need to do it every four weeks, so it’s incredibly low maintenance and time-saving.

Mark your calendars on the 9th of June for the upcoming 69 Brazilian Day event to try Brazilian or Boyzilian IPL for FREE!

Treats unleashed!
On this day, you can enjoy FREE 150 IPL Shots™ worth $360 for a Brazilian or Boyzilian IPL. And if that’s not enough, extra care wipes are on SALE at $6.90 (U.P. $9.90). They’re PH balanced and here to keep you fresh below. What’s more? Free 69 Brazilian Day Limited Edition Coasters just for you!! 

Crouching Tiger, Unhidden Dragon – a life-changing experience that’s unexpectedly normal, don’t go unnoticed or remain unhidden. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident about their hair removal choices, IPL is totally normal and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Embrace your body, with or without hair.

Tigers Run Free, Dragons Fly
Come and join us on 9th June 2023, from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm. Kick start your bare-down-there journey. We’re the unisex IPL experts here to help you unleash your inner beast! 

Find out more about 69 Brazilian Day here. *Terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IPL Shot™? 
A Shot™ is counted when a blast of light is emitted from the machine. At Japan IPL Express, we use a Shot-by-Shot technique to ensure that we do not miss an area!

What are the types of services you offer?
Choose between:
✨ IPL Hair Removal: Rid unwanted hair
✨ IPL Skin Solution: Lighten dark areas

Will there be any hard-selling or hidden charges?
No hard-selling nor hidden charges. 🙂 150 IPL Shots™ will be given to everyone to try IPL out on your Brazilian/Boyzilian areas on 9th June 2023.

What’s the minimum age to get IPL done?
New to us? We will first need you to register for an account! If you are under 18, you will have to bring a parent/guardian on your first visit to sign an indemnity form. For subsequent visits, you are free to come on your own.

Do we need to shave before coming? How much is the shaving fee?
Leave it to us! We provide free shaving before each IPL treatment. 

Can I do IPL on other areas on 9th June? Even if I use my existing Shots™?
No. On 9th June, we will only be serving Brazilian/Boyzilian IPL using the Free 150 Shots™ for all customers.

IPL on other areas will not be carried out.

Can I use the Free 150 IPL Shots™ on other body areas?
No. The Free 150 IPL Shots™ are to be used for only Brazilian/Boyzilian areas on the event day!

Note: Free IPL Shots™ cannot be used for crack/inner thighs

Is 150 IPL Shots™ sufficient for the whole area? Do we have to top up the balance if it is not enough? 
Brazilian/Boyzilian area requires approx. 60 – 150 IPL Shots™ per session. The actual no. of Shots™ required depends on your treated area & hair condition.

Note: Only 150 IPL Shots™ per person will be used on the event day. No further top-ups will be allowed.

Can I get IPL done when I’m on my period? I can use a tampon!
Our intimate areas tend to be more sensitive during that time of the month. Furthermore, for hygiene reasons, we unfortunately will not be able to perform the IPL treatment if you are your period.

How To Redeem?
Visit our outlets on 9th June 2023 and get Free 150 IPL Shots™ (worth $360) for your Brazilian/Boyzilian IPL! 
*Applicable to New/Existing Customers. Limited to 1 redemption per customer.

Will I have to endure a waiting time?
We are open from 10:30am – 9:00pm and the last registration will close at 8:30pm or when the store hits maximum capacity. Take a queue number at your preferred outlet upon reaching and you will receive SMS notification 15 mins prior to treatment.
*We will be utilising Free 150 IPL Shots™ for your Brazilian/Boyzilian on 9th June 2023.

What are the outlets serving Brazilian/Boyzilian IPL?
Brazilian IPL is available at:
Century Square, Holland Village MRT, Jem, NEX, Northpoint City, PLQ Mall, Raffles Place MRT, Sengkang Grand Mall, Somerset MRT, Waterway Point 

Boyzilian IPL is available at:
AMK Hub, Bedok Mall, Funan, Jurong Point

What if my last IPL Hair Removal treatment is after 20th May? Can I choose to do IPL Skin Solution instead?
Absolutely! On 9th June, you can still redeem Free 150 IPL Shots™ for Skin Solution IPL for your intimate area!

I shaved myself recently and my skin is still reddish, can I still go for Brazilian IPL on 69 Brazilian Day?
If your skin is still irritated, we suggest to give your skin some time to heal. Our therapist will evaluate customer’s skin condition before treatment! If your skin is unsuitable to do IPL on 69 Brazilian day, they will not proceed with the treatment.

Can I request for a particular part of my intimate area to not be done, especially on the more sensitive areas?
Yes, you may let the therapist know what are the areas you’d like to avoid/focus on.

It’s my first time! Can I get IPL done in the same room with my friend/partner?
You can bring someone along but treatment will be done separately! Besides, Boyzilian IPL will only be served at AMK Hub, Bedok Mall, Funan, Jurong Point. 

Psst! if you bring someone new along, you earn 40 Referral Shots™ instead of the usual 20 on 69 Brazilian Day! 😁

Posted on 19 May, 2023

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