No Gimmicks, Just Statistics

No Gimmicks, Just Statistics

If you haven’t heard about it – ADLight™ was launched across 8 Japan IPL Express outlets on 10th of July.

The latest Japanese-patented tech is the next-generation pulsed light that allows deeper penetration of light to target stubborn, deep-rooted hair follicles. The future of photoepilation does not disappoint, designed to balance power and comfort for maximum painless results, along with its key capability of being 2.5x more effective at permanent hair reduction.

No Gimmicks, Just Statistics
A photoepilation study** is conducted to evaluate just how effective (and good) ADLight™ is.PSA to those looking to remove unwanted hair on your Underarms, Legs, Arms, etc. Your journey to a hairless road is not that far-fetched anymore. While the consistency of sessions and individual conditions still play a part in the results, ADLight™ accelerated the results’ efficacy and achieved an impressive 87.4% result.To the niche who are looking to do uncommon areas such as Nape or Back, where vellus hair is – we got them removed too.

Vellus hair are very very fine hair, like peach fuzz that may make you feel like a stuffed toy. As the hair may also appear much lighter, it may respond slower to traditional IPL hair removal methods, where some have even resigned to fate by consistently waxing off the fuzz.

It is understandable for hormonal body areas such as men’s Facial area or women’s intimate area to be tougher to remove; these deeply rooted hair follicles can be stubborn and hormonal.

And a cherry on top, it is absolutely painless! *screams for joy, not for pain*

During the study**, a Pain Rating Score (PRS) is used to determine the level of pain an individual felt – and it was reported that the variance score is close to 0, as compared to our previous IPL machine. Yay.

Participants also reported no more rubber band snaps but a nice cool touch keeping sensitive areas soothed and calm.Our previous IPL machine is great but ADLight™ does it better. Come see the light if you haven’t!

P.s. Although we have upgraded our machine, prices still remain unchanged. You don’t have to top-up like you do at other salons. Just saying.

*ADLight™ is now available across all 14 outlets islandwide!

^Permanent hair reduction refers to hair that no longer grows continuously during a 3-month period, with only some fine hair retained.
*Results vary based on the individual’s skin, hair, body condition, hormones, and consistency of treatment.
**A total of 24 individuals participated in the blinded study with results based on 38 pairs of treatment areas. Photoepilation sessions were conducted 3 weeks apart using IPL and ADLight™ technology. Participants are not aware which area(s) was assigned to IPL or ADLight to avoid confirmation bias, and did not shave, wax, epilate or used any photoepilation device in between sessions to ensure accuracy of results.

Posted on 28 July, 2023

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