We, the OG of No Packages, No Appointments.

We, the OG of No Packages, No Appointments.

The beauty industry has always been plagued with the wrong impression in most consumers’ eyes, with a few notable ones like – hard selling, up-selling, cross-selling of packages & the 1001 hidden costs that they don’t tell you until they sit you down, interrupting your experience in the treatment room. Dreading these unwanted sales conversations and the inconvenience of making/rescheduling an appointment was quite the norm.

As consumers ourselves, we disliked these bad practices 10 years ago, and we still do now.

Why Did We Start?
We’ve always wondered why can’t things be more straightforward, genuine, and authentic. I just want to enjoy my treatment. But I can’t have that.

It felt so corrupted with bad practices that consumers started to see it as a norm. That shouldn’t be.

Thus, the birth of Japan IPL Express in 2013.

Our first outlet was at Mid-Point Orchard and we had our first pop up store at Raffles Place MRT in 2014.

ICYDK, we are a homegrown Singapore brand.

Japan IPL Express – Simply Different
The brand is more than a business, we are the game changer in the industry.

We build our beliefs in providing no-nonsense, straightforward, transparent, and authentic beauty service into our business model, “No Packages, No Appointments”.

It is what it is.

Consumers have the freedom to visit any store at their own convenience without making any appointments, and the flexibility to pay as they go with IPL Shots instead of packages.

We are Simply Different. We are the OG of the ‘No Package, No Appointments’ movement.

Some Things Never Change
In a blink of an eye, we are celebrating our 10-year mark this September. It’s been wild. There were tough times and great days, but I am proud to say that we are still holding on to our core values and beliefs close to heart. These are our guiding light, and it will never change.

Thank you for supporting the brand all these while. We will strive to deliver the best to you then and now!

From, Japan IPL Express

Posted on 21 August, 2023

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