10 Years Evolution

10 Years Evolution

Being transparent, honest, and genuine has been a part of our DNA all these years.

It is always about continuously improving ourselves to be better than yesterday. You may think we don’t, but we do listen to your suggestions and find solutions to things that need improvising.

Here are some of our key evolutionary milestones:
Store Interiors
The brand is inspired by Japan’s exceptional customer service level and innovation. Naturally, we brought this concept into the store interiors. We want it to be centred around an approachable, simple, and clean design that is consistent across most of our stores.

We know, it’s tough to choose a favourite store.

Just for laughs: we know some may say our store looks like a laundromat. Okay can. 😅

Then our customers start to suggest privacy in the waiting area. That is also when we started to change up the store design a little!

One thing for sure, we love curves.

Our First 69 Brazilian Day
As you know by now, we have 3 key campaigns in a year, and it revolves around the idea of “giving back”. It used to be 2, One To Give Charity Drive and Free IPL Weekend. Until we received tonnes of feedback requesting for a Brazilian Day too! Which ultimately induced the inception of 69 Brazilian Day.

But of course, with every marketing campaign, there needs to be an interesting concept to it, such as our latest Crouching Tiger, Unhidden Dragon. “We like to make things fun. Just because.” – Audrey, Brand Communications Manager of Japan IPL Express

Instead of calling it Brazilian Day, we had to add a “69” to it. To those who asked, yes it’s definitely intentional. IYKYK. 😏

Online Shots™ Bank Account
After every treatment session, customers will be provided with a receipt that details their shots balance, expiry, shots usage or purchase, and next-treatment date. But we know, who keeps a paper receipt these days? And since we are all about convenience, we want to allow the freedom to assess these information readily anytime they want.

Inspired by the bank accounts app, the brand launched Shots™ Bank, where customers can view their Shots™ Balance, Treatment Sessions, Purchase History, and Referrals at their own convenience.

The evolution of receipt all within your fingertips.

You Call The Shots™
Our initial tagline, Simply Different, has served its purpose by being rather… self-explanatory, in that we are simply different from other beauty salons. We dislike hard selling and will never condone that, we dislike packages so we go on a pay-per-shot basis, and we dislike the hassle of appointment making you can walk-in at your convenience.

The brand has been honouring its core beliefs and values since Day 1. As time passed, consumers evolved, and it’s time for us to do so too.

“You Call The Shots™” aims to empower individuals to make decisions on their terms. Everybody and every body can choose to be hairy or hairless, and the brand is here for those who choose to be the latter, with everything they need and nothing they don’t want.

2023: New Decade, New Tech, Better Experience
Being the OG in the hair removal trade for 10 years, we have finally introduced Advanced Diode Light, a.k.a ADLight™ to the family. Our previous technology has served us well, and with ADLight™ in the picture, it gets even better.

We strive to help customers achieve their hairless goals as quickly and effectively as possible. Using the latest Japanese patented technology, ADLight™ uses a next-generation pulsed light that is capable of balancing power and comfort for maximum painless results, resulting in 2.5x more effective at permanent hair reduction* in stubborn areas.

*Based on a study comparing IPL and ADLight™ hair removal treatments over a 5 month period.

Launched in July 2023, it has received tonnes of positive feedback from our customers!

So if you’ve been following us, know that we are always open to suggestions/feedback! We believe this is how we learn, improve and grow. All thanks to YOU, the brand is still standing strong in its 10 years mark!

Drop us anything or say hi (not in a creepy way) via [email protected] or WhatsApp 9005 0550!


Posted on 23 August, 2023

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