My first visit to Japan IPL Express went a little like this

My first visit to Japan IPL Express went a little like this

The shaver had always been my trusty tool, my secret weapon against those unwanted underarm hairs. It was almost a daily chore, a constant companion, and the key to preventing those little bushes from sprouting up whenever I raised my arms. But, to be honest, I find it an awfully tiresome routine… one that I had grown weary of over the years.

Then last Friday, I found myself standing in front of the JEM’s outlet, staring at the familiar white and blue exterior of their establishment. I’d seen their stores scattered through several parts of Singapore but had never thought of patronising any of them. But this time, I wanted to see if Japan IPL could be the key to permanently removing my underarm hair, so I headed into their store for a hair removal session that features their ADLight™ treatment.

I had no idea what to expect as I crossed the threshold into the world of Japan IPL Express, no clue what lay in store for me and my underarms. But I was determined to find out, so here goes.

Here’s how my first Japan IPL Express visit went:
01: The vibes? Clean and chic.

As I stepped into the Japan IPL Express outlet, the first thought that crossed my mind was “bubble bath.” 🫧 The colors that filled the store immediately gave me a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. The predominant colors were a bright, welcoming blue and crisp white that adorned the walls, creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. 🙉

I was then directed to the waiting area, and I couldn’t help but be taken aback by the design of this space. It was as if I had walked into a mermaid’s lair! There were these mesmerising shades of blue that seemed to envelop me in their aquatic embrace. 🧜‍♀️🌊

Moving on, when I was led to my designated pod and instructed to change into a cute, colourful “tube top” in preparation for my treatment, the room itself left me in appreciative silence.

The lighting choices were spot-on, creating an ambiance that made me feel safe and clean, unlike the sterile atmosphere of a typical operating room that many salons tend to exude. 🙌🏼

What truly impressed me was the thoughtful design of the pod! It was a compact yet remarkably well-organised treatment room with ample space to place my bag, change my clothes, and even step out of my shoes comfortably. It was evident that every element had been carefully considered and integrated into the pod’s design, making me feel not only at ease but also genuinely pleased with the experience. Japan IPL Express had managed to transform such a small space into a haven of beauty and comfort!!! 🥰

02: The process, short and sweet.
Before entering the treatment room, a friendly staff took the time to provide me with some valuable information. And I was surprised because there was absolutely no hard-selling, unlike what I’ve heard of most people’s salon experiences! 😱 Here’s what I learned:

Firstly, the underarm area typically requires around 5-8 sessions to achieve the best results, with each session spaced four weeks apart. As I progress through these sessions, I can expect to see my underarm hair becoming finer and growing at a significantly slower rate. In fact, after completing those 8 sessions, I might only need occasional maintenance sessions, specifically tailored to my individual needs. 👀

But the benefits don’t stop at hair removal. This advanced technology – ADLight™ can also be used for a range of skin solutions such as lightening of pigmentation, scars and even to target fine lines or to rejuvenate skin, and for those looking to further enhance their underarm area, there are whitening options available too.

During the session, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the process was. I simply lay on the bed with my arms raised while the therapist helped to shave my armpit hair (for free) before administering the Shots™ with the machine.

*Note: At Japan IPL Express, a “shot™” refers to a single blast of light emitted from their IPL machine. These shots™ will be responsible for either destroying your hair follicles or treating skin woes such as acne prone skin and giving your skin a brightening and rejuvenating boost!✨

Each Shot™ gave a slight sensation, but it was nothing close to painful nor the rubber band snaps that I’ve heard some claim hair removal treatments gave. And the best part? The entire treatment took less than 10 minutes! 🥳

As someone who appreciates quick, efficient, fuss-free solutions, I was impressed 😉 by how straightforward, effective, and efficient the entire process was. I left the session feeling carefree and confident. Additionally, the therapist provided me with a brief aftercare guide, which included the advice not to engage in heat activities that involved intense sweating to prevent any skin irritation for the next 24 hours.

Later that evening, when I thought back to how this first session went for me, I found myself thinking that I really liked my time at Japan IPL. Interestingly, I couldn’t find any element of my experience that could be improved. 😌

Goodbye, shaver. 🪒 Hello, Japan IPL Express!

Ready for a more carefree and hair-free version of you? Well, hit up any of their 14 outlets islandwide for a truly ‘Express’ session now!

📍: AMK Hub, Bedok Mall, Century Square Mall, Funan Mall, Holland Village, Jurong Point 2, JEM, NEX, Northpoint, PLQ Mall, Raffles Place MRT, Sengkang Grand Mall, Somerset MRT, Waterway Point

And the good news is, if you’re new, you can just head down to any stores during operating hours to experience ADLight™ with 20 Free Shots™ (worth $48)! No purchase required.

Posted on 1 November, 2023

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