Unlocking Shots™ Bank: Your Ultimate Guide to Japan IPL’s One-Stop Portal

Unlocking Shots™ Bank: Your Ultimate Guide to Japan IPL’s One-Stop Portal

Let’s be real—membership platforms can sometimes be a drag. Slow speeds, confusing navigation, and interfaces that wouldn’t win any beauty contests.

But not here.

When I made my first login to Shots™ Bank via my phone, it was an instant charm. The beauty of this platform lies in its simplicity. Just a handful of tabs, each one a portal to a treasure trove of essential information. Not overwhelming, not sparse—just right. 🪄🥳

Let’s explore how easy and simple Shots™ Bank is. I’m going to run you through the tabs and what I felt about each of them, so that you get to see how amazing this portal truly is! 🎉🙉

01: ‘Shots™ Bank’
This page tracks my Shots™ balance and their expiration, a vital heads-up in life’s whirlwind. With the many other responsibilities we juggle in our lives, it’s really easy to forget these balance Shots™ waiting in the wings.

The worst? Watching paid Shots™ vanish. 🫠
So this page is truly a helpful nudge amidst life’s chaos, to help manage your balance and also acts as a reminder for you to return consistently for your next treatment!

Here’s a screenshot of my Shots™ Bank page, for you to get a sense of what yours would look like too!

02: ‘Sessions History’
The ‘Session History’ page captures all information in an organised manner. At one glance, you’ll know
when you had your sessions,
the specific outlet you visited,
the therapist who attended to you,
whether you went for hair removal or skin solution,
which areas were done,
the number of Shots™ used per session, and
your next treatment date.

Here’s my ‘Sessions History’ for you to see!

What I absolutely adore about this page is the effortless way to track down your next treatment date. I mean, a staff member will always inform me about my next treatment date after each session but honestly, I’m guilty of forgetting to jot down those upcoming sessions on my calendar sometimes… That’s why having this easy-peasy access to my next session date is a total lifesaver!! 👀🫶🏻

03: ‘Store transaction’
I love this page. I’m someone who likes to know where I can check back on what I’ve purchased! So if you’re like me, this page is exactly what you need.🍃

Here’s a snapshot showcasing how transactions are neatly displayed on this page!

04: Account Details
Right at the very top, you’ll spot your unique referral code and a nifty link that you can grab with a single click to toss to your pals! It’s like my go-to party trick for spreading the love without any hassle.

There’s my referral code; you can easily find yours in your Shots™ Bank too!

Picture this: you’re chilling with your gal pals, chatting away, the topic shifts to hair removal, and you casually slide in about your experience with Japan IPL. You spill the beans about your Japan IPL journey, they perk up and ask for deets, and BOOM! You whip out this link for them to snag their first session at any outlet, and ka-ching—earn yourself and your friend unlimited Referral 20 Shots, just like that! 🥰

So, if you’re a current customer, you now know you have a super-convenient way to stay in the know about all things Japan IPL!

No more digging through emails or having to schedule appointments into your calendar. Everything you need is at your fingertips; your Shots™ balance, next session date, total session expenses, and that magical referral code to gift your friends so you both can get Free Shots™!! It’s all neatly bundled in a user-friendly, visually pleasing portal.

Your journey to a carefree, hair-free life just got a whole lot simpler and more delightful. Cheers to smoother, fuss-free days ahead! 🌸💆‍♀️

And well, if you aren’t already a customer of Japan IPL, but now find yourself ready to embrace a carefree and hair-free you? It’s as simple as stepping into any of their14 outlets across the island for an ‘Express’ session, designed for your convenience.

📍: AMK Hub, Bedok Mall, Century Square Mall, Funan Mall, Holland Village, Jurong Point 2, JEM, NEX, Northpoint, PLQ Mall, Raffles Place MRT, Sengkang Grand Mall, Somerset MRT, Waterway Point

And here’s the fantastic news for our newcomers: You can stroll into any of these stores during their operating hours and treat yourself to the wonder of ADLight™ with 20 Free Shots™ (a value of $48)! No strings attached, no purchase required.

So, what are you waiting for? The path to a smoother, carefree you is right around the corner. Step into any of their outlets and discover the magic of Japan IPL today! 🌟✨

Posted on 20 December, 2023

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