A good deal deserves another – 141 Day

A good deal deserves another – 141 Day

Still unsure? Check out the FAQs below!

🎉 141 Day FAQ
How can I enjoy this perk?
First of all, an Existing Customer will have to bring a Lucky Friend (New to Japan IPL) to the same outlet together on the 14th of January 2023. That Lucky Friend will redeem no. of Free Shots™™ based on the Existing Customer’s last IPL Treatment area — if Existing Customer did underarms and used 60 IPL Shots™, the Lucky Friend is entitled to use 60 IPL Shots™ anywhere he/she wants. All 60 IPL Shots™ will have to be fully utilised on 141 Day.

What are the terms for my Lucky Friend to enjoy the free Shots™? Does he/she have to buy anything?
Absolutely not! On this day, you can bring a friend to experience IPL for free* on any area.
*Your friend (New Customer) gets to redeem no. of Free Shots™ based on your utilised Shots from the last visit based on 1 area.

How many IPL Shots™ does my Lucky Friend (New to Japan IPL) get if I (Existing Customer) bring him/her down for 141 Day?
E.g. You did Underarm and Brazilian IPL in your previous session, using 60 IPL Shots™ and 150 IPL Shots™ respectively. Your Lucky Friend gets free Shots™ based on one of the areas you did. He/she can choose to use the free Shots™ on any area(s) of their choice.

As an existing customer, must I do IPL on 141 Day for my friend to enjoy the Free 141 Day Shots™?
Not at all! You just have to visit any outlet together with your Lucky Friend!

I’m an Existing Customer and I just did IPL recently, can I still do my treatment on 141 Day with my Lucky Friend?
If you would like to, make sure that you’re not too early for your session!

*You will not be able to do IPL on the same area if you:
Hair Removal: If previous treatment is less than 4 weeks ago, cannot do on same area
Skin Solution: If previous treatment is less than 2 weeks ago, cannot do on same area

What are the operating hours?
We are operating as usual, from 10:30am to 9:00pm. You may head down to any outlet with your friend to enjoy 141 IPL Treatment!
*Queue registration: it is recommended for all customers to visit us before 8.30pm in case there are other customers queuing before you! 😊

If I am a New Customer and I complete my treatment on 141 Day, can I bring another New Customer to get a free treatment?
New Customers will not be considered as an Existing Customer if their first session is on 14th January 2023.

My friend, an Existing Customer, used 300 IPL Shots™ for her legs in the last session. Would I get 300 IPL Shots™ to use for my legs too?
Promotions are not stackable. We’re currently running a 1-for-1 Leg/Arm promo. If your friend uses 300 IPL Shots™ for her legs, the actual no. of Shots™ that was deducted from her account is actually 150 IPL Shots™ instead of 300. Therefore, you will be entitled to 150 Free IPL Shots™ to be used on any area you wish, not just legs! Because, You Call The Shots™! 📢

I’m a New Customer and I received Free 150 Shots™. Do I get to enjoy the 1-for-1 Leg/Arm promo using these Free Shots™?
Unfortunately not, promotions are not stackable.

Posted on 1 January, 2023

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