One To Give Charity Drive 2023

One To Give Charity Drive 2023

We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give.
– Winston Churchill

Since 2017, we established our One to Give (OTG) Charity Drive to encourage everyone in our community to get involved in helping the under-resourced. Every year, we focus on different charities to bring awareness to their cause, and how our community can help.

When a customer makes a purchase in store during OTG, Japan IPL Express makes a commitment to donate to the nominated charity and their causes. We hope this in turn, inspires individuals to be the one to give, to make a difference in someone else’s life.

This year, we decided to partner with Club Rainbow (Singapore).

Taking Center Stage – Club Rainbow (Singapore)

Club Rainbow (Singapore) is a beam of hope for children suffering from chronic illnesses which takes a toll on the entire family. The assistance rendered covers five core aspects: emotional support, educational support, social support, financial assistance and informational support.

The charity hopes to build resilient and self-sufficient families, developing independent adolescents and in turn inspiring individuals as active contributors.

Club Rainbow (Singapore) is currently helping more than 1,000 children and their families cope and manage through personalised counselling, group sharing sessions, social activities, tuition and financial assistance when necessary.

Casting Brighter Rainbows – OTG 2023

For OTG 2023, we decided to help Club Rainbow (Singapore)’s mission by providing their beneficiaries and their families the much needed support they need.

Vibing with our new tagline – You Call The Shots™; we are inviting all customers to be part of our OTG 2023 by calling the shots on how we should contribute to the cause.

In the month of March, any purchase of 300 IPL Shots™ and above, they will receive Giving stickers to decide how they wish to support Club Rainbow (Singapore) and their beneficiaries though:

Collaboratively, customers would use their giving stickers to decide how they want to impact the cause in store by pasting on the board, encouraging a sense of community to make a difference together.

We hope that this Charity Drive will go beyond bringing awareness to the organisation in need and inspire all our customers to contribute to a cause they care for as part of our efforts to give back. We want our community to be empowered and passionate about being the one to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Posted on 1 March, 2023

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