(Part 1) How can you tell if IPL Hair Removal is working for you?

(Part 1) How can you tell if IPL Hair Removal is working for you?

So you’ve been to your first IPL Hair Removal treatment and you can’t wait to become hair-free? Maybe you feel cooler, cleaner, and fresher without it. Welcome to the club!

But hold your horses. First of all, IPL Hair Removal requires consistency to yield results – we recommend visiting once every 4 weeks for an estimated 8 to 10 sessions.

You’ll know the treatment is working when your hair grows out slower and finer. This usually happens after the fourth session. Others have also noticed hair shedding more easily and falling out more frequently than before after IPL treatment and shaving becomes easier.

Just because hair removal is something we covet doesn’t mean it has to be inconvenient – with IPL Hair Removal, you can enjoy it hassle-free. IPL Hair Removal can help prevent ingrown hair too, since it destroys the hair follicle.

How does IPL Hair Removal work

IPL emits pulses of light targeted to destroy unwanted hair follicle cells. Over consistent sessions, these follicles are destroyed permanently.

However, dormant or new follicles stand to rise and grow again, often because of hormonal changes. This is why even after IPL treatment, you may still see some new strands of hand pop out naturally.

Even after pruning the garden, a little maintenance can go a long way to keep the unwanted hair at bay. For a smooth, hair-free body, we encourage our customers to come back for maintenance sessions once in a while.

Why hormones and genes may affect hair removal results

The higher your hormone levels are, the higher the likelihood that you need more sessions than estimated before seeing results as hormone levels can influence hair growth. As hormones fluctuate during pregnancy, the effectiveness of IPL may be compromised. So we encourage customers to pause their IPL sessions and only resume after breastfeeding.

Your genes also play a major role in determining your hair colour, texture and thickness. It’s what gives you straight or wavy – thick or thin – hair. If you’re wondering how the thickness of your hair can affect IPL Hair Removal, the treatment works best on dark, thick hair as it absorbs light better.

How Japan IPL Express’s service operates

We offer treatment on a shot by shot basis so that you have the freedom to pop in and zap stray hairs as and when you like. No package or appointment necessary. When you pay per shot, you can target concerned areas without paying more than you need.

For more information, come into any one of our Japan IPL Express outlets or reach us at @japaniplexpress on Instagram or Facebook.

P.S. New to Japan IPL Express? We give every new customer 20 Free Shots™ upon walking into any of our outlets islandwide. New customers are also entitled to our New Customer Promo — $70 for 100 Shots (U.P. $240, *price is subject to GST).


Posted on 5 December, 2022

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