(Part 2) How can you tell if IPL Skin Solution is working for you?

(Part 2) How can you tell if IPL Skin Solution is working for you?

Enjoy good skin health every day! You deserve to feel nothing less than beautiful. With IPL Skin Solution treatment, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and pesky troubled skin will be things of the past. We know that there’s no one-size fits all but we can customise your treatments to tackle a myriad of concerns. Allow us to provide you with a solution!

You won’t even have to lift a finger.

What is IPL Skin Solution?

IPL Skin Solution is a non-invasive versatile treatment that tackles skin concerns while stimulating collagen regeneration in the skin. It can be customised according to your lifestyle and needs. Results and treatment duration might vary depending on your hormones, genetics and skin conditions — even factors such as sun exposure, skincare routine and diet might play a role. Let us help you figure out what suits you best.

IPL Skin Solution treatment can tackle different areas — whether your face, underarms or bikini lines, as well as various issues such as pigmentation, fine lines and acne prone skin.

All you need to look glam for the gram is pop into any of our outlets once every 2 weeks. After about 8 to 10 consistent sessions, you’ll see the results for yourself!

How can you tell if IPL Skin Solution is working for you?

Progress can look different for everyone. To give you an idea, progress means reduced pimple outbreaks for those with acne prone skin. This is a common concern on the face, back and chest areas.

If you go for a skin rejuvenation treatment, you’ll likely see fine lines become less prominent and that your skin brightens, especially around the neck and smile areas. Get that youthful, elegant glow!

To know if skin whitening is working for you, you’ll notice that after consecutive treatment, you’re seeing lighter acne scars and brightened underarms and inner thighs.

Maybe you’re undergoing IPL Skin Solution to resolve vascular lesions, which form underneath the skin and create a reddish appearance. In that case, you’ll see the marks fade over time.

Factors that may affect IPL Skin Solution results

Hormones can affect your skincare game. What more, environmental and lifestyle factors like day to day habits, skincare routines, personal hygiene standards, and sun exposure can influence IPL results. Clearing off your makeup as soon as you return home, wearing sunscreen religiously, and clocking 8 hours of sleep is never a bad idea!

IPL Hair Removal and IPL Skin Solution at Japan IPL Express

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Cheers to good skin days ahead!


Posted on 22 December, 2022

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