Tips to care for your skin before and after IPL treatment

Tips to care for your skin before and after IPL treatment

You probably already know that IPL treatments come with an abundance of perks. One of the greatest plus points is there being minimal downtime. It’s incredibly convenient.

Having said that, we all know what it’s like to want fast results. For optimal results, here are some tips on what you should and shouldn’t do before, after and in between IPL treatments.

Things to avoid before your IPL session

1. Exfoliating
Skincare lovers, we get what it’s like to take our skincare routine seriously. But exfoliating is one step you’ll want to give a miss before your IPL session. If chemical peels are your go-to, let your skin rest 1 to 3 weeks before undergoing IPL in the same area. If you’re more of a face scrub kind of beauty queen (or king!), we’d say to take a break from it for at least 3 days. If you’re wondering why, it’s because exfoliating may irritate the skin.

2. Suntanning
Something else that doesn’t mix well with IPL is suntanning. Press pause on suntanning plans 2 weeks before your IPL session. Otherwise, it could cause more heat to be absorbed into the area, risking a burn. We wouldn’t want that!

3. Other hair removal methods (Plucking, waxing, epilating)
Give other hair removal methods such as plucking, waxing and epilating a rest before your IPL session. The thing is, IPL requires hair roots to be intact for the treatment to be effective and those methods might intervene. If you really want to give unwanted hair a trim, we suggest shaving using a clean, sharp shaver.

A pro tip: shave in the direction your hair grows to avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Better yet, come to Japan IPL Express and leave it to our therapists to shave unwanted hair for you before treatment. There’s no need to fuss about the fuzz. Our therapists would be more familiar with the appropriate technique too!

4. Certain medication and supplements
As a safety precaution, we would advise that you avoid medications and supplements such as cortisone injections, Vitamin A and Vitamin K, roaccutane, steroids, and oral contraceptives one month before your IPL session. Such medications may cause your skin to become sensitive to light and make it more prone to burns.

What to avoid after IPL treatment

1. Temperature-rising activities
For the first 24 to 72 hours post-IPL treatment, stay away from hot showers, saunas, and steam rooms, and refrain from suntanning and participating in heavy exercises. During this period, it’s best to keep your skin as cool and calm as possible, instead of doing things that would cause your body temperature to rise. Excessive sweating could aggravate the skin and lead to not only discomfort but possibly even increase chances of rashing. We definitely wouldn’t want that.

2. Scratching
Oh, it can be so tempting to scratch that itch but if it’s on a spot that just underwent IPL treatment, don’t do it! Scratching could result in scarring. Instead, how about applying a little moisturiser? The more hydrated the skin, the more soothed the skin will feel in between sessions. In fact moisturising regularly twice a day would keep your skin hydrated, which would keep the itchiness at bay.

3. Scented beauty products
Try not to use perfume, cologne, makeup or deodorant on body areas right after treatment too. These scented products might irritate the skin.

4. Other hair removal methods (Plucking, waxing, epilating)
Let’s just say we’re not big fans of waxing, plucking and epilating after IPL treatments either. Since IPL treatments target hair roots, these approaches might disrupt the hair growth cycle and prevent you from achieving best results!
Just relax and let hair fall out naturally. It’s okay, we’ve got this!

Our therapists are experts at using IPL treatment to reduce unwanted hair and/or improve your skin, but we recommend pre and post care for a flawless finish. It’ll bring about the most effective results. If you’d like more information about our practice, come on into any one of our Japan IPL Express outlets or reach us at @japaniplexpress on Instagram or Facebook!

Posted on 1 August, 2021

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