Discussion between two women: Why choose IPL Hair Removal?

Discussion between two women: Why choose IPL Hair Removal?

We conducted a survey among 2,319 Singapore-based Japan IPL Express customers in 2021 in a bid to better understand why they remove body hair. Common reasons given were people doing it for hygiene purposes and to elevate attractiveness. We hear you!

Most customers were previously shaving, plucking or waxing to get rid of the fuzz before they gave IPL a go. Then they chose to come to us because they found it to be a fuss-free way! Not to mention a less painful approach. Call us biased but we couldn’t agree more. We’re also glad that they’ve chosen to stick around.

Many men and women see IPL treatment as an act of self-care. Kai Ling, who is a marketing specialist, and Valencia, who works in the public healthcare sector, are two of such women who have embarked on their IPL Hair Removal journeys. We hear from them on why they choose IPL as their go-to hair removal solution and their experience with it so far.

Hello! First things first, what’s your approach to body hair removal?

Kai Ling: I started removing underarm hair for beauty reasons. Then when I started wakeboarding a while back, I wore my swimsuit more often and felt like it would be neater to remove hair in my Brazilian area.

Valencia: I started removing unwanted body hair to look good and feel confident. I haven’t looked back since.

When did you first try IPL, and why?

Kai Ling: I’ve been on IPL treatment for almost a year now and I already see my hair becoming thinner and slowing down in growth! It’s a lot more convenient than what I used to do.

I previously shaved but it made my skin tone darker, and it was pretty inconvenient having to shave every few days. I know some people who wax, but waxing sounded painful to me. So I never tried.

Valencia: I used to wax and shave but found both to be quite uncomfortable. Shaving also dried out my skin and caused me to develop acne and in-grown hair. Waxing wasn’t particularly painful for me but I didn’t like how frequently I had to do it.

Then I tried a laser hair removal treatment but after my first session, I had red spots and an itch on the targeted area. It was possibly because of my eczema and sensitive skin, but it made me not want to commit to laser treatment. I wound up discovering that IPL treatment better suited my skin, and I’ve been undergoing IPL treatment for eight months now. I’ve been targeting my lower body area — brazillian and entire legs. Hair growth has slowed down and each visit feels like a pamper session.

Thank you both for sharing! We hope to see you again soon.

To everyone else who’s reading this and would like to stay hair-free, IPL provides more long-lasting results to hair removal thanks to how the technology zaps hair at the root. What this means is hair won’t regrow as quickly and unlike shaving you don’t need such frequent maintenance. Besides, unlike waxing, you can skip the mess and not fret about pain and discomfort. You could tackle your face, legs, underarms or brazillian area with ease — anywhere from head to toe!

Sure, IPL treatment might seem more pricey than the rest at a glance, but think about it: over time, IPL treatment is more time-efficient and enables you to avoid the hassle, red bumps and ingrown hair of regular shaving and waxing. What better way to get bang for your buck?

If you have further questions about the silky smooth world of IPL, just pop right into any one of our Japan IPL Express outlets or reach us at @japaniplexpress on Instagram or Facebook.

Posted on 13 July, 2021

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