Store hopping: Japan IPL Express edition

Store hopping: Japan IPL Express edition

For the past three months, I’ve made a deliberate effort to visit various stores, all with the aim of assessing two critical factors: one, whether all the outlets are consistent in service and two, the true level of convenience offered by Japan IPL. As someone with a packed schedule, these two factors have to marry well to earn my loyalty, so… here is my final evaluation of three outlets located in different regions of Singapore!

JEM, #03-19
This outlet is in the mall, right in the middle of all the hustle! It’s my favourite of the three I visited, because it’s like being under the sea. The outside looks like waves with those aqua-colored panels—so cool, right?

But wait till you step in! The waiting area blew my mind with its cozy lighting, starting from deep blue and fading into smooth white. And those egg-shaped lights hanging in a nest shape? Such a quirky touch! Super unique and welcoming!

And inside the pod? Oh boy, it’s on another level! The lighting, the whole setup—it screams comfort and safety. I swear, I felt all my stress melt away as soon as I walked in.

You can read all about my trip to the JEM outlet here! (Hint: this is where I did my first ever IPL treatment!)

Somerset MRT, #B1-04
This Japan IPL spot is located in town (right inside the MRT station!) to conveniently provide IPL services to passers-by and shoppers in the area. It has that vintage laundromat vibe, believe it or not—I found it strangely charming, though!

It’s more compact than the newer outlets, more like a fun-sized version. But that compact design totally fits the whole “Express” vibe they’re going for. It’s like the layout’s saying, “Pop in, get treated, and go on with your day!” Loud and clear statement, right?

Oh and a fun fact: did you know that this outlet is one of the first few Japan IPL outlets to open in Singapore?

Holland Village, 24c Lor Mambong
Lastly, meet Japan IPL’s 14th and newest, a ‘baby’ outlet! Though I definitely don’t mean the size of this standalone outlet!

You’ll find it smack dab in the middle of lively Holland Village, up on the second floor among those cool shophouses! And before that, you’ll spot our iconic Harry mascot even from the first floor!

When you step through the door, it’s like entering this massive bubble—it’s a whole other world in there. And once you’re in, it’s all bright and bubbly! They’ve nailed the design to let in tons of natural light, making the whole place feel so welcoming and uplifting. Seriously, your mood gets a boost the instant you walk in; it’s all warm and open vibes.

My favorite outlet is JEM’s, but I also appreciate the variety in Japan IPL’s outlet designs! Having 14 outlets in Singapore, there’s bound to be one that matches everyone’s vibe. And being able to swing by any outlet at your convenience for hassle-free IPL? That’s a pretty sweet deal! Getting hair removal and skin treatment on your schedule sounds like a win-win for sure.

So what are you waiting for? Time to get started on bringing this dose of hair/skin boost into your life!

Posted on 24 January, 2024

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