The IPL Shots™ Chart

The IPL Shots™ Chart

The number of IPL Shots™ required for each body area varies depending on the area’s size. Take for instance how legs have larger surface areas than underarms.

Over the years, we have consolidated enough data to estimate the average number of IPL Shots™ you would need depending on your targeted area.

The following chart illustrates areas that are popular among our customers but we also take other requests such as to target the finger, hair, and knee cap. So please don’t hesitate to ask our staff for help, never mind how unusual you think your request might be! We’re not ones to judge.

Japan IPL Express Shots™ Chart

The IPL Shots™ Chart displays the average number of IPL Shots™ customers needed for each area every session. Note that as the treatment sessions go, the required number of IPL Shots™ may decrease* as hair growth might have already slowed down and you have fewer strands for us to work with.

Customers may purchase any amount of IPL Shots™ and we give you the complete freedom and flexibility to use them for any body area that you want.

Okay, so how do we charge?

Japan IPL Express Price Chart

We strongly believe in being upfront and transparent about our services. This means no hidden cost, although potentially some perks, depending on what ongoing promotions we have. An example: Additional free IPL Shots™ for a specified amount of IPL Shots™ purchased.

Keep your peepers peeled for what in-store promotions we have available across our 14 outlets every month! We love to go all out and have fun with our marketing ideas, so don’t be surprised if you’re in for a treat.

*It’s tricky to tell exactly how many sessions one will need from the start because the number would differ depending on your hair, skin and hormonal conditions. But a slower hair growth rate and thinner or finer strands are all signs of being steps closer to your goal.

“Pay-only-for-what-you-use” is our motto.

“Do you have any packages available?”

We often receive questions about packages from our customers and potential customers. This comes as no surprise seeing that beauty packages are all the rage at beauty salons, but we see ourselves as a rebel in that sense: we don’t offer any packages.

We don’t want you to feel like you have to commit to us. We believe in empowering our customers with the freedom to come and go as they please and the flexibility to stop by any one of our 13 outlets whenever they want.

So, how exactly are purchases made at Japan IPL Express?

If you want to have your hair permanently removed from a particular area, all you have to do is purchase IPL Shots™.

What is an IPL Shot™?

At Japan IPL Express, we define a “shot™” as a single blast of light emitted from our IPL machine. For example, an underarm treatment session would require approximately 40 to 60 IPL shots™ for both sides. This means 40 to 60 bursts of light would be administered to the area of your choice. We offer two main types of IPL services and these shots™ will be responsible for either destroying your hair follicles or treating skin woes such as acne prone skin and giving your skin a brightening and rejuvenating boost.

The number of IPL Shots™ required would differ depending on which part of your body you’re targeting. If you’re choosing to tackle your underarms, that is bound to require fewer shots™ than your legs.

Rest assured that no shots™ will go to waste, because if you later realise that you bought more IPL Shots™ than necessary for one area, you can always use them on another area. For more details on how many IPL Shots™ are needed for an area, check out our chart here. Otherwise, please feel free to pop into any one of our stores to consult our therapists or reach us at +65 6636 0550 to find out more!

Posted on 8 June, 2021

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