(Part 2) A Tale of Two Services: IPL Hair Removal and Skin Solution

(Part 2) A Tale of Two Services: IPL Hair Removal and Skin Solution

IPL Skin Solution

Looking to level up your skin condition? You’re in for a treat — no Instagram filter required.

Our IPL Skin Solution treatment is able to address skincare concerns such as acne scars, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, oily skin, skin discolouration and vascular lesion. Among our customers, favourite targeted areas are the face, underarms and back of the body.

A never-ending battle against acne can feel so tiring, because boy, they can be relentless. But we could take care of things. IPL emits light energy from the machine, which converts into heat energy and kills off bacteria that might form pimples. The treatment helps to regulate the skin’s sebum production by targeting the skin glands and getting rid of the oil and dirt responsible for clogging pores. IPL also wins brownie points for effectively treating acne without the side effects that might arise from topical or oral acne medications.

Besides, IPL Skin Solution (whitening treatment) can help lighten pigmentation for a more even skin tone. Pigmentation occurs when melanin accumulates in the skin and it could be the result of genetics, stress, fluctuating hormones or menopause. Our treatment can simultaneously lighten darkened spots while stimulating collagen regeneration in the skin!

Another skincare woe that we tackle is vascular lesions, which refer to the blood vessels (large in number or size) that form underneath the surface. Coming in different sizes, shapes and forms on any part of the body, they usually possess a reddish appearance. You might know them as broken capillaries. We get why they might be bothersome, and we know just the trick.

At the end of the day, IPL Skin Solution is a versatile treatment and can be customised according to your needs. It’s no biggie. Results and treatment duration might vary depending on the individual and body part — even factors such as sun exposure, skincare routine and diet might play a role, but at Japan IPL Express outlets islandwide, we’ll help you figure out how IPL could fit into your lifestyle.

I’m new to IPL. Which area should I get started on?

For IPL Skin Solution, we often treat acne and brighten complexion using IPL facial therapy. Another common request is to lighten darkened underarms.

But truth be told, it’s up to you! Simply speak with our outlet therapists on your concerns and share whatever questions you may have, then they’ll be able to advise based on your skin condition.

If I have sensitive skin, is IPL for me?

It’s no secret that skincare is unique to the individual. For personalised advice, come on in to any one of our outlets. While most people with sensitive skin might find themselves suitable for IPL, we reckon it’s best to allow our therapists to fully examine your skin and provide recommendations before treatment. To sweeten the deal, we’ll even give new customers 20 free IPL Shots™ upon walk-in. No appointment necessary — don’t sweat it, the door’s open!

Posted on 24 May, 2021

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