How IPL can reduce the side effects of hormonal changes

How IPL can reduce the side effects of hormonal changes

The road to embracing self-love in adulthood isn’t always so smooth-sailing. Acne, oily skin, eczema and hair in all the wrong places are just a few side effects that come about due to hormonal changes when you are going through puberty.

But everyone can feel good and look good in their own way.

At Japan IPL Express, we offer IPL Hair Removal, IPL Skin Solution and our trademarked skinbooster™ as some fuss-free and easy ways to tackle the side effects that come about from hormonal changes. Enjoy smooth, supple skin, and being hair-free as you want to be!

IPL Hair Removal
Hair Removal IPL can help slow down and reduce hair growth as you begin with IPL treatment every 4 weeks before it effectively slows down hair growth. Then you only need the occasional maintenance treatment to keep the stray strands of hair out of sight. The best part? It doesn’t hurt!

IPL Skin Solution
Foundation and concealers might help provide coverage for a hot second, but we can do better. Not only can our state-of-the-art IPL technology reduce and get rid of blemishes, but it can also even out the skin tone for glowy skin.

IPL Skin Solution can effectively treat acne without the side effects that might arise from topical or oral acne medications. How it works: the light emitted during the process is able to effectively target and destroy the skin bacteria responsible for acne, oil control and also help to prevent future outbreaks on the face, chest or back.


Facing eczema prone skin? Try our moisturising skinbooster™. Formulated to nourish and protect skin so it’s resilient from the inside out, it’s good for anyone with dry, sensitive skin. Apply a thin layer of skinbooster™ after showering for the best results.

skinbooster™ is available for purchase at counters in-store and online for $28.

Walk in to any of our outlets to find out more! No appointment necessary. You can also learn more by following us at @japaniplexpress on Instagram.

For customers ages 18-21 years old, we offer an affordable price point of $85 for 100 IPL Shots (U.P. $240, *price is subject to GST). and you can purchase in bulk of 100 Shots™ each time, and it’s up to you whether you want to spend it on IPL Hair Removal or IPL Skin Solution. IPL treatment is affordable, effective, and you’ll be well taken care of by the professionals.

A testament to how you’re in good hands: Japan IPL Express is also a Daily Vanity Beauty Treatment Awards winner! We scored first place in IPL Hair Removal: Brazilian, Underarm and Leg category and IPL Skin Solution: Facial IPL category.

Posted on 8 August, 2022

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