Get 100 IPL Shots™ for Free on 3rd and 4th September 2022!

Get 100 IPL Shots™ for Free on 3rd and 4th September 2022!

Tired of dealing with stubborn acne breakouts, pesky ingrown hairs and painful razor burns? IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy is a fuss-free and pain-free solution! Here’s your chance to try IPL treatments for free* at Japan IPL Express’ upcoming 9th Anniversary IPL Weekend on 3rd and 4th September 2022!

Whether you’d like to achieve smooth, stubble-free skin or eliminate unwanted blemishes, we ensure it’s as easy as getting your coffee fix. And with our upcoming Free IPL Weekend, grab 100 IPL Shots™ (worth $240) for free on any body area* – with absolutely no strings attached.

*Free IPL services not applicable for Facial and Brazilian/Boyzilian IPL.

Celebrate FREE IPL Weekend: Your chance to Call The Shots™ for FREE!
We launched the now-iconic IPL Weekend as part of our yearly anniversary celebrations, rewarding loyal customers and welcoming new friends to the Japan IPL Express family.

In our 9th year, we pride ourselves on continuing to deliver fuss-free and affordable IPL solutions. No packages, no appointments, no pushy sales tactics; only the best-in-class IPL experience for our customers.

How to participate?

✨ 3rd September 2022 (Exclusively for Existing Japan IPL customers)
✨ 4th September (Open to All)
10:30am – 9pm (Queue registration stops at 8.30pm or earlier should the outlet(s) hit maximum capacity.)
All Japan IPL stores 

Redeem your free Shots™ by visiting any Japan IPL outlet and registering for a Queue Number. You’ll receive an SMS notification 15 minutes before your appointment.

Upgrade your free IPL Shots™!
New customers automatically score 20 IPL Shots™, which means you’ll get a whopping 120 IPL Shots™ for free! Even better, get a referral from an existing customer to enjoy 40 Referral Shots™ (worth $96) instead of the usual 20.

Upsize your Free IPL Weekend promotions!
We’ve prepared more treats this IPL Weekend. Enjoy exclusive discounts on popular products, ranging from skincare to feminine hygiene.

Score even more IPL freebies with our anniversary giveaway!
Rewarding those who know us best! Solve our epic word search puzzle and stand a chance to win 200 IPL Shots™ and $50 cash (worth $290). Try to find as many Japan IPL-related words as possible; take part in our giveaway here

With Japan IPL, there’s something for everyone. Say goodbye to razors, tweezers, pimple patches and even acne medication! We offer hassle-free IPL services to keep you feeling fresh no matter your skin concerns, whether it’s hair removal or blemish-busting! You Call The Shots™!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IPL Shot™?
At Japan IPL Express, we go by per-shot™ basis! Each time the light is emitted onto your skin, it counts as 1 Shot™! On Free IPL Weekend, you can use the IPL Shots™ on any area except for Facial and Brazilian/Boyzilian.

What are the types of services you offer?
You can choose between IPL Hair Removal or Skin Solution (lighten dark areas/blemishes). Just let our therapist know!

Would there be any hard-selling or hidden charges?
Absolutely not! This event is FREE FOR ALL! Everyone will receive Free 100 IPL Shots™ on Free IPL Weekend!

There’s an exclusive event promotion of $29 for 90 IPL Shots™ (U.P $216). Feel free to purchase this after completion of your treatment! Do note that these promotional Shots have an expiry date of 4 months and is strictly non-extendable. 🙂

I’m keen! What’s the minimum age to get IPL done?
If you are under 18, you are required to bring a parent/guardian on your first visit to sign an indemnity form. Thereafter for subsequent visits, you are free to come on your own.

Do we need to shave before coming? How much is the shaving fee?
Nah, don’t trouble yourself! Our therapist will assist with shaving the area before your treatment, free of charge!

Is this event for New Customers only?
All New/Existing Customers are welcome to redeem the Free 100 Shots™ on Free IPL Weekend!
New Customers will be required to do a quick registration before treatment!

Do take note of the Event Operation Dates:
– 3rd September (Exclusively for Existing Customers)
– 4th September (Open to All)

Must I finish utilising all the Free 100 IPL Shots™ on the same Event day?
You may choose to either fully utilise all the Free 100 IPL Shots™ on the same day or opt to utilise partially for a smaller area. For the latter, you can utilise the remaining Shots™ (minimum 20 IPL Shots™) on your next visit.

However, do note to fully utilise all the Free 100 IPL Shots™ by 9th October 2022 if you have chosen to use your Shots™ partially. Please also note that these promotional Shots™ are strictly non-extendable.

Can I redeem Free 100 IPL Shots™ and use it for upcoming session? I’m not due for my session yet!
If you want to save some Shots™ for your next session, you may utilise the Free 100 IPL Shots™ partially (minimum 20 IPL Shots™) and save the remaining for your next session. Free 100 IPL Shots™ need to be redeemed and fully/partially used on event day itself!

Will 100 IPL Shots™ be enough for the whole area? Do we have to top up the balance if it is not enough?
Due to time constraints, we will be strictly utilising 100 IPL Shots™ and no further top-ups will be allowed during this event. However, if you’re a New Customer, you will enjoy an additional 20 FREE Shots™ from us!

How To Redeem Free 100 IPL Shots™?
Simply visit ANY outlets on Free IPL Weekend and receive your Free IPL Treatment*!

  • 3rd September – Exclusively for Existing Customers
  • 4th September – Open to All

10:30am – 9:00pm | Registration stops at 8.30pm or earlier should the outlet(s) hit maximum capacity.

*Applicable to New/Existing Customers. Limited to 1 redemption per customer.
*Free 100 IPL Shots can be either fully or partially utilised (minimum 20 IPL Shots™) on event day and the remaining balance will expire on 9th October 2022
*Free 100 Shots cannot be utilised on Brazilian, Boyzilian & Facial areas

Would I be required to wait during the event days?
As it’s an Event Day, do expect that you may need to wait for your turn!

First order of business: Take a queue number at the outlet. We will notify you via SMS when it’s nearing your turn!

Is this event for ladies only? I’m a guy and I really want to try IPL!
We serve both male and female! Simply head to any of our outlets during the event day to get your Free IPL treatment done!

Do note that we will strictly be utilising only 100 Shots™ on Free IPL Weekend. Facial and Brazilian/Boyzilian IPL will not be carried out.

Can I request for different body areas to be done?
Yes, as long as it is within 100 Shots™! However, do note that Facial and Brazilian/Boyzilian IPL will not be carried out on Free IPL Weekend.

I just did my IPL not long ago, am I still eligible?
Do check your last treatment date through Shots™ Bank to see if you’re eligible to redeem Free 100 IPL Shots™ on Event Day!

Hair Removal IPL
Last session was 9th Aug and earlier: Eligible!
Last session was 10th Aug and later: Ineligible!

Skin Solution IPL
Last session was 23rd Aug and earlier: Eligible!
Last session was 24th Aug and later: Ineligible!

I shaved myself recently and my skin is still sensitive, can I still go for IPL on Free IPL Weekend?
If your skin is still sensitive or irritated, we suggest to give your skin some time to heal. Our therapist will evaluate customer’s skin condition before treatment! If your skin is unsuitable to do IPL on Free IPL Weekend, they will not proceed with the treatment.

Can I get free IPL on event day if my previous IPL session was a week ago?
If your last session was a week ago, you can still get IPL done on Free IPL Weekend, just on a different body part! (e.g. If you just had Underarm IPL Hair Removal done, you may want to use the Free IPL Shots™ on other areas except for Face/Brazilian/Boyzilian).

Your skin needs time to rest and recover between each IPL session. The hair growth cycle is between 26-28 days, and IPL treatment is more ideally done during the Anagen phase for maximum effectiveness!

Can I use the exclusive promotion of $29 for 90 IPL Shots™ on any body area and at any outlet?
Absolutely! The promotional IPL Shots™ will expire in 4 months and it is strictly non-extendable! Do note that the exclusive promotion is only available to purchase for customers who have completed their Free IPL Treatment.

Posted on 13 August, 2022

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