Feel fresh and clean on-the-go

Feel fresh and clean on-the-go

There’s something to be said about good genital hygiene, and the skin, even around our genital area, needs to be washed just like any other skin on the body. We trust that you shower regularly but sometimes, it doesn’t feel like quite enough — especially when we spend so much time out and about in hot and humid Singapore. Heat and sweat can create that yucky feeling!

For moments you can’t spare popping into the shower, check out feminine wipes. Quick and convenient, feminine wipes help you stay clean and fresh while on the go — anywhere, anytime!

The benefits of feminine wipes:

1. Convenient to use

These feminine wipes are individually packed for the ultimate convenience. So you can take a handful and keep them in your bag for use anytime. Travel-friendly? They sure are. Ideal for when you’re in a hurry to get from your gym to a meeting or when you’re out the whole day.

These feminine wipes are 100% biodegradable and flushable, so don’t worry about polluting the environment or having no place to toss them.

2. Smell fresh

Not only are feminine wipes safe to use and reduce irritation, they also have a faint, soothing scent to them that’s pleasant to the nose. Our immediate response to odour control, try it and you’ll find yourself feeling totally clean and fresh! Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference.

3. Gentle on the skin

Alcohol-free and paraben-free, these feminine wipes are designed to elevate day-to-day discomfort. Soothing? For sure.

The wipes are also ideal when you experience menstrual leakage and wish to clean off blood residue and bacteria without disturbing the pH level of your vulva. These wet wipes come in handy to keep irritation and infections (yup, even yeast infection) at bay.

Japan IPL Express feminine wipes are sold at $9.90 per box (20 pieces each) — available online and at any outlet islandwide.
*Price is exclusive of GST

There are many ways to keep your intimate areas clean, and here at Japan IPL Express, we also offer Brazilian and Boyzilian IPL. With less hair down there, it would be even easier to maintain good personal hygiene!

If you’re curious about IPL and would like to give it a go yourself, take the first step today. Simply register yourself here and receive 20 IPL Shots on your first visit!

Posted on 17 February, 2022

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