Want to look good? Don’t just focus on your face.

Want to look good? Don’t just focus on your face.

Identifying your skin type? Check. Tailoring your day and night skincare routine depending on whether you have dry, oily or combination skin. Check. But skincare isn’t just about the face; your body skin can always use a little TLC too!

Your usual shower aside (we trust that you already take those), here are some ways on how you can give yourself some loving neck-down:

1. Exfoliate in the shower

Dead skin cells build up daily so it’s a good idea to exfoliate with a body scrub once every 2 to 3 days. When in the shower and your skin is wet, massage on the body scrub in circular motions to buff away dry, dead skin. Rinse thoroughly with water. It’ll leave your skin feeling soft and smooth — as you like!

Start by exfoliating once a week, so as to not overdo it as it may damage your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Similarly, harsh soaps and overwashing can cause skin to get dehydrated and appear aged. If in doubt, less is more!

2. Always moisturise

The best time to moisturise is after showering as this helps trap some of the water in your skin, sealing the hydration. Keep your peepers peeled for products with proven moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

3. Rest your peepers

Sleep isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Let that sink into your head the next time you’re plotting your to-do list. Get 7 to 8 hours so that your body can recharge and you’ll feel fresh in the morning! A lack of sleep may lead to eye bags, dark circles, breakouts, wrinkles, inflammation and other health and wellness issues. And we wouldn’t want tiredness to escalate to more serious problems associated with chronic sleep deprivation such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, stroke. Far from it.

TL;DR: rest!

4. Apply sunscreen

Come rain or shine, smear on that SPF 30. We’ve talked about the importance of sunscreen, which is essential for skincare. Don’t leave out your neck and chest areas too! These areas are thin and susceptible to damage, just as your face is.

For outdoor enthusiasts especially, try to apply sunscreen once every 2 hours. And if having fun in the water, keep a lookout for water-resistant sunscreen.

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Posted on 4 March, 2022

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