skinbooster™️ – Liposome Treatment Concentrate


Tested and proven by our customers:

89% achieved instantly smoother skin
77% with sensitive skin felt less discomfort during IPL treatments
96% felt skinbooster™️ is easily absorbed into the skin.
87% said skin was protected against harsh air conditioning
89% felt skinbooster™️ was not oily to touch
80% felt skin condition immediately improved

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skinbooster™️’s Oleic acid locks in moisture and protects skin from external aggressors while Vitamin E supports collagen production and maintains cellular health.

Together with skinbooster™️’s liposome technology, liposome encapsulates oleic acid and Vitamin E to penetrate deeper past skin barriers, delivering these skin-loving ingredients, to protect the skin, reinforce collagen structures, and retain moisture.

Skin protector. Moisture magnet. Collagen builder.
Achieve smooth skin with Japan IPL, discover smoother skin with skinbooster™️.

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