Introducing skinbooster™

Introducing skinbooster™

A skin protector, moisture magnet and collagen builder in one tube, meet skinbooster™ by Japan IPL Express. Newly launched, skinbooster™ was created to nourish and protect skin so that it’s resilient from the inside out. Thereby ensuring customers are free from the nagging issue of dry skin, which occurs among many naturally.

Three benefits

skinbooster™ locks in moisture so that your skin feels smooth, supple and well-hydrated. It’s like lathering on lotion daily only it gets you maximum results with even less effort. Its key ingredient liposome, which was developed by A*STAR scientists, delivers nutrients directly to ageing cells in order to improve skin hydration and texture, reduce fine lines and ease wrinkles. By penetrating deep into the skin, Liposome helps deliver Oleic acid and Vitamin E where it matters. Oleic acid locks in the moisture while Vitamin E ensures healthy skin cells function to their best abilities.

Although IPL treatment does not bring about harmful side effects, we’ve heard from some customers that they’ve experienced dry, sensitive skin and sometimes itching or redness. We want to help! skinbooster™ is a hydration powerhouse that does not clog pores. Better yet: it improves skin elasticity with a sticky-free texture. You can easily adopt it into your routine!

Two ways to use it

If you have dry and sensitive skin, apply a thin layer of skinbooster™ after cleansing in the evening. It’ll help reinforce collagen structures and reduce itchiness from dry skin. This will help boost skin strength and resilience during your next IPL session.

If you have normal skin, apply the desired amount as an all-over body lotion after showering. After showering is when the skinbooster™ is its most effective because of how easily absorbed it is into the skin.

One product

Whether you prefer bare skin or growing out your hair, it’s your choice. But here, you can achieve hair-free, baby smooth skin. skinbooster™ is available at Japan IPL Express branches islandwide for $28 per 60ml.


Posted on 23 March, 2022

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