Easy Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

Easy Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

Now we’re not saying hair removal is a must — the choice is yours. But if you want to go for it, we know some simple methods you could try out!

What can we say? We believe going fuzz-free should be fuss-free. Whether it’s an upper lip moustache or peach fuzz on your chin, cheeks, back, legs, fingers, feet or nether regions, you can count on us.


Cheap, quick and easy to buy off the drugstore shelves, it’s no wonder that shaving is common among beginners for hair removal. It’s easy to do on the underarm areas, face and legs too. But people often overlook the importance of technique. Shaving in the wrong direction, on dry skin and using dirty shavers can give rise to ingrown hairs, irritation and razor burn. Brazilian and Boyzilian areas are also tricky for one to navigate solo. Shaving might be fast to do but the hair bounces back just as quickly — within 1 to 3 days.

Hair removal cream

Another one that’s easily available at drug stores, hair removal cream is great for beginners to hair removal. Unlike shaving, there’s little to no risk of getting cuts and razor burns. But the cream can get messy, so get comfortable in the bathroom because you’ll be in there for a while.

Heads up that the chemicals in the ingredients tend to give rise to an unpleasant odour. If left on the skin for too long, the chemicals may burn your skin or trigger an allergic reaction too. Besides, hair removal cream may be cheap to kick off with but it’s hardly a long-term solution.


Tweezing (otherwise known as plucking) is a hot favourite to reshape eyebrows and pluck chin hair as it lets us target the stray strands with precision. But it’s time-consuming for larger areas — can you imagine how long it would take to pluck the hair on your legs? Not to mention the pain it’d entail. It’s also best to be careful not to over pluck as hair usually only regrows after a few days. It could also sometimes cause scarring or swelling.


Waxing results usually last up to 4 weeks before hair fully regrows and you’re back to square one. It’s no secret that waxing hurts and could result in swelling and redness on sensitive areas. It also tugs on the skin, which could potentially cause sagging overtime.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal destroys hair follicles using light treatment, which gives you long-lasting results after about 6 sessions and can be done on any body area. This is usually an expensive treatment because it can only be conducted by dermatologists.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Best known for being a pain-free, long-term solution to hair removal, IPL treatment uses light treatment to destroy hair follicles. IPL uses broadband pulsed light source, which is more dispersed than laser hair removal’s single spectrum light source. IPL can get you the results you want without breaking the bank.

*Make consistent visits once every 4 weeks* and after about 8 to 10 sessions, you’re bound to see desired results!  

IPL treatment at Japan IPL Express

There are many methods of hair removal, and with most of them, hair grows back quickly but with consistent IPL treatments, you’ll notice more long-term results. See progress with every treatment session as hair strands become finer and fewer.

Not a fan of pain? We hear you. IPL treatment with us is virtually pain-free because our machines have an inbuilt cooling system from Japan. For sensitive areas, we’ll even apply a cooling gel to prep and soothe it.

We are confident about our skills but don’t let us tie you down — instead of charging you by package and requiring you to make appointments ahead of time, you can head to any outlet for spontaneous treatment. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to stick around.

You don’t even need to shave before coming in! (We provide Free Shaving!)

If you’d like more information about our practice, come on into any one of our Japan IPL Express outlets or reach us at @japaniplexpress on Instagram or Facebook.

P.S. New to Japan IPL Express? We give every new customer 20 Free Shots™ upon walking into any of our outlets islandwide. New customers are also entitled to our New Customer Promo — $70 for 100 Shots (U.P. $240, *price is subject to GST).

*IPL Hair Removal works best when you undergo treatment once every 4 weeks as the treatment targets to destroy hair at the active stage (Anagen stage) and the hair growth cycle is every 26 to 28 days.



Posted on 17 June, 2022

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