Do you know of a man who goes for hairless treatment? Well, now you do.

Do you know of a man who goes for hairless treatment? Well, now you do.

Hey there, gentlemen! Ready for a little surprise? Especially if you’ve been toying with the idea of grooming your private areas but feel a bit shy to dive in, or if you’re unsure how to even begin! Well, guess what? I convinced my buddy to take the plunge and try his very first Boyzilian IPL Hair Removal. And let me tell you, his experience is definitely one you’ll want to read about!

So, I sat down with him to spill the beans on everything you might want to know about the wild world of intimate hair removal. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of laughs and insights – it’s about to get interesting!

Q: Before being asked to try Boyzilian IPL Hair Removal, what were your thoughts on males doing this treatment? Name all stereotypes, sentiments, and beliefs you had about male IPL hair removal treatments.

Him: “I’ve heard of Brazilian and Boyzillian IPL before but was never keen to try them because they seem painful and unnecessary when I can already just trim or shave them myself for free. I think there’s an increasing trend of males doing it… but I’m not familiar with anyone in my male social circle doing it. Or maybe they do it, but don’t mention it because it’s not common for guys to do it or talk about it.”


Q: When I invited you to try Boyzilian IPL Hair Removal , what were your first thoughts?

Him: “Haha, the idea was something novel to me and seemed fun. I was also curious since I’ve heard much about it from my female friends and would like to experience it for myself.”

Q: Could you briefly run through what happens throughout the treatment, from the start to the end?

Him: “When I arrived at the counter, the staff provided me with an iPad to complete registration (they were very friendly!).”

    1. I was brought to a room and instructed to use the intimate wipes provided to clean the treatment area. The room, bed, and all other equipment were clean and neat. I like that there was a dedicated space to put my bags, hang my clothes, and space indicating where I should place my shoes. There was also a small towel to cover my treatment area after cleaning myself.
    2. The therapist walked me through what was going to happen and showed me the machine where the Shots™ were going to be administered.
    3. I was initially mildly shy when she lifted the towel to begin treatment as I was unfamiliar with random females staring at my wiener (heehee). But I eased into it as she started the treatment and we were even chatting throughout the process.
    4. She also assured me that the intimate area is very sensitive and if I felt uncomfortable at any point of time, just let her know and she will adjust the machine’s intensity or apply more gel to soothe the area if needed.
    5. Once the treatment ended, she left the room for me to be fully clothed.
    6. I headed over to the counter where the therapist swiftly briefed me on post-treatment care, providing detailed instructions on how to take care of the treated area. She even handed me a handy brochure with aftercare do’s and don’ts

Him: “From the moment I stepped into the outlet until I left, the whole process took less than 30 minutes, which was impressive considering it was my first time there and there was no need for appointment booking!”

Q: Which parts of the treatment process surprised you, and why?

Him: “Like what she preempted me, I did feel some heat sensation when each Shot is administered but they were bearable and it was nothing close to pain.”

Q: Which parts of the process impressed you, and why?

Him: “How friendly and ‘newcomer-welcoming’ the staff were, how clean and neat the space was, and how quick and fuss-free the entire process was – from registration, treatment to ending.”

Q: Now that you have experienced the treatment, what are some stereotypes you feel men have of this treatment that are completely different from reality?

Him: “Men naturally assume that this will be super painful and that it is unnecessary, but it is not as bad as it feels and it is quite tolerable!”

Q: If a male friend asks you whether they should go for a Boyzilian IPL Hair Removal, what would you say?

Him: “They should definitely get out of their comfort zone! Go and at least try it once, especially if you personally dread the daily shave, or if you just want to experience how it feels to be hairless down there!”

Q: Do share any other parts of your experience that you have not shared but you feel would be important for fellow males to know?

He shared, “Sometimes, us guys can be incredibly hairy, and in the most unexpected places. If that’s something that constantly bothers us, I think this could be a great solution, as long as we stick to a consistent regime of visiting them. We should also be open about grooming ourselves as men and striving to be the best versions of ourselves, seeking out whatever treatments we need. Self-care, especially for men, should be normalized and discussed more openly.”

Alright, gents! Wasn’t the interview an eye-opener?

Now, if you’ve been nodding along, maybe even chuckled a bit, it’s time to try it for yourself! Japan IPL is waiting to make your first Boyzilian IPL experience as smooth and painless as possible.

Pop by any of their outlets today and discover the freedom and confidence that comes with a well-groomed look. Trust me, your future self will thank you – and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner!

Posted on 27 June, 2024

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