Celebrate 241 Day with your bestie — Unlock friendship goals!

Celebrate 241 Day with your bestie — Unlock friendship goals!

If you’re a Japan IPL Express customer, you’re probably well familiar with how regular treatment gets you desirable results. Well, good things must be shared and it’s time to spread the good news! If you know anyone who has yet to try out Japan IPL Express, call them. Text them. Slide into their DMs! Japan IPL is hosting a 241 Day celebration on 24th January 2022 with perks to be enjoyed by pairs of two.

On 24th January, new Japan IPL Express customers may redeem a free IPL treatment on one body area, based on their existing customer friend’s last IPL treatment.

If the existing customer’s undergoing more than one IPL treatment, such as Underarms, Brazilian and Facial IPL, their new customer friend may choose from any one of these areas. If the existing customer is undergoing IPL on only the underarm area, their new customer friend only has one body area to choose from. You get the gist.

*For Existing Customers, your last session cannot have been before 1st January 2021.

For your friend to utilise the free session on 24th January 2022, both of you can walk in together to any Japan IPL Express outlet. After your friend’s free treatment, the two of you are entitled to Japan IPL Express’s 241 Deal, which consists of $50 for 100 IPL Shots™ (valued at $240). Major win: These IPL Shots™ can be used on any area of your choice. No outlet restrictions.

241 Day Terms and conditions:

    1. Applicable to New and Existing Customers of Japan IPL Express
    2. Existing Customer is to bring 1 New Customer only
    3. New Customer Free 20 IPL Shots is not applicable for New Customer on 241 Day
    4. New Customer may redeem up to 1 Free IPL Treatment area, based on Existing Customer’s recent IPL session. Free IPL Treatment is to be fully utilised on 241 Day.
    5. The existing customer’s last treatment date must have been between 1st January 2021 and 24th January 2022.
    6. Existing Customers need not complete his/her session on 24th Jan 2022
    7. New Customer cannot be considered as Existing Customer if their first session is on 24th January 2022.
    8. Shots™-Back Stamps will not be given to New Customers that are receiving free treatment
    9. The Referral Program is applicable for both new and existing customers, along with the 241 Deal. Standard T&Cs apply.

241 Deal Terms and conditions:

    1. 241 Deal is available for purchase on 24th January 2022
    2. Both Existing and New Customer must visit the store together to enjoy the Friendship Deal
    3. New and existing customers must purchase the 241 Deal together, which is only valid on 24th January 2022.
    4. Each customer is entitled to only 1 purchase
    5. The 241 Deal entails 100 IPL Shots™, which can be used on any body area and at any Japan IPL Express outlet islandwide. The 100 IPL Shots™ expire in 4 months and is strictly non-extendable.

What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars! We look forward to meeting you and your friend!

Questions regarding 241 Day? We answer them here.




Posted on 2 January, 2022

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