The Birth of Japan IPL Express

The Birth of Japan IPL Express

Simply Different

Simple and straightforward, our tagline encapsulates who we are and what we stand for at Japan IPL Express. We are clear-eyed in our sole mission and believe in doing it well.

In an industry where packages are the norm, we see ourselves as a rebel, a game-changer. Our founders felt that the beauty industry was lacking in a no-fuss, no-frills and affordable service. Thus the birth of Japan IPL Express, a brand built on giving customers freedom and flexibility.

With a “No Packages, No Appointments” approach, the fact is that we don’t believe in tying customers down with packages and we don’t require appointments because as customers ourselves, we know what it’s like to make an impulse purchase only to later realise that we are stuck with a package that we don’t necessarily want.

We want to empower you with the ability to make a decision or change your mind every step of the way. As a business, we believe in cultivating relationships instead of relying on hard sell tactics. It’s through earning your trust that we hope to see you again for continuous sessions. Knowing that we only have one shot to earn that trust each time you come in for treatment, we always make sure we are on top of things.

We also know how busy schedules can be and would rather IPL treatments be something that seamlessly fits into the lives of our customers and not be something that you feel compelled to schedule your life around.

Posted on 20 March, 2021

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